Adam Titchener

From The Great River

In his latest body of work, London-based Photographer Adam Titchener delves into the profound questions surrounding identity, place, and the divergent paths our lives might take. Inspired by the impending birth of his son, From The Great River contemplates the impact of geography on one's destiny, leading to a photographic journey across five distinct locales in the United States, all bearing the name London.

Through Titchener’s lens we see males spanning generations, each portrait an imagining of the potential life his son could lead if born in one of these alternate Londons. His photographs encapsulate aspects of each locale, where he sought out scenes with subtle nods to their specific idiosyncrasies, while simultaneously challenging preconceived notions of place by presenting them collectively.

From The Great River is more than a documentation of place; it's a journey into how our environments shape us, prompting us to reconsider the narratives we construct about ourselves, and how geography influences our sense of identity and potential.