Adam Titchener

From the Great River

Despite being more connected than ever, our day-to-day interactions are being rapidly digitised, leading to heightened experiences of loneliness. Simply put, human wellbeing depends on interpersonal interactions and relationships. These feelings are exacerbated in crowded cities increasing feelings of isolation by up to 38%

Having had his own bouts of loneliness despite living in a city surrounded by 9.6 million people, From the Great River gave Adam Titchener cathartic reflection on feelings of assimilation, teenage angst and interpersonal relationships.

Set against a backdrop of Titchener’s hometown London’s namesakes across the United States of America, From the Great River is his view of what it means to be a loner in London. Despite their geographical distances, these oft-forgotten towns and the youth that inhabit them all share a universal defiance in spite of a world that seems indifferent to their future, a feeling that resonated deeply with the Photographer.