Adam Titchener


The internet can’t quite seem to make its mind up when it comes to how many Londons there are in the world, however, a quick Google can return you anywhere from 11 to 50. From Kiribati to Chile, it seems there are Londoners everywhere.

Forever wrestling with my own existence as a certified ‘mockney’ - having been the only one in my immediate family born outside of Greater London, yet having a very definite London accent - I was intrigued by the thought that all over the globe there are mockneys even more pronounced than me. 

With this in mind, in 2022, I started my ongoing project documenting London's in the United States of America. Wanting to explore the social differences between the London where I live and the small town London’s scattered across the vastness of the United States, I began my Journey in Arkansas, before traveling to Kentucky and Ohio. This project continues throughout 2023.